Community Projects

Future Projects  

Sidewalks-Cracks and uneven surfaces need to be repaired ($10,000)

Trees in swale & Coconuts palms must be trimmed  and removed  2xtimes a year, hardwoods

($4950) for palms on swale only-already scheduled


 Drainage (Tom, Eileen, Jon)


Updating Aspen Ridge Docs - We need a committee.

Cable to renew with Comcast or another company? We need a committee.

 Pool deck needs to be leveled

Aspen Ridge Entrance Sign needs to be updated


Hedges/Trees along front entrance need to be replaced

 Pool area patio tables need to be replaced (we will keep the umbrellas)

Club house roof to be inspected


Expenses - to date:

Removed dead bushes and planted flowers and mulched front entrance


 Mulch for clubhouse area


Removal of 2 trees from swale & replaced w/sod ($239.00 each)


Added additional lock in men's room.


 Repaired broken toilet in men's room 


 Pool overflowed due to air flow filter (check)


 Bought lifesaving ring for Pool


Enhanced cleaning of clubhouse/bathrooms/pool area

$120-160 per month

Theft of Hand sanitizers


 Attorney Fee's                                                                                                     $2450.00


Purchase of 4 pool cartridges                                                                              $428.00

Tuscan Gardens Fund - what we used so far() Balance remaining ( )              $2475.00 (Balance $8431.44)

Aspen Ridge Community property Insurance                                                     $11,450